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Freedom is a feeling everyone tries to reach in life, and sometimes people never get there before their time is up here on this earth. The story behind the images is portraying a young girl who wants FREEDOM. She's smart, intelligent, and always setting examples for others, but she was never accepted because there is someone always wanting you to fail, not reach your dreams. When you try to move up, theirs always someone wanting to pull you back down, she tried to escape, she tried to run, but there was no escaping. When she woke up, they were messages on her phone calling her names, making fun of her, when she left and went to school, they pushed her, they looked at her as if she wasn't a human being. The girl wanted out!!! She started to go into a dark world, where living wasn't what was wanted anymore. "I HOPE IM NOT MY ONLY FRIEND" She had no one to turn to, her parents were always questioning her and pushing her to be so great, but little did they know, she didn't want that path, but was only taking it to please them. Who was going to hear her? Who was going like her? Who was going to tell her everything was okay? She took the pill bottle and had it in her hand, she looked back over her shoulder one more time to make sure no one saw her, and little did she know when she turned around her FREEDOM and best friend was in front of her with his hands outstretched!

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