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Just Breathe

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Just Breathe

(Inhale) I take a deep breath, trying my best to inhale life, prosperity, freedom, happiness, wisdom, and passion

(Exhale) When I exhale, I release the negativity of my present and past , the lack of energy, the lost passion, the questions I continue to seek when the answers have already been giving to me

JUST BREATHE (inhale then exhale)

My body aches

I’m doing this to myself

Feels like everyday I have to shield myself from this earthquake

Can I pause time?

Can i have a moment?

Can I smile and it actually be from my enjoyment

I can’t move forward until I accept where I am

I might’ve took a detour

Thought I had things left to endure

But It had to be done for me to mature

JUST BREATHE (Inhale then exhale)

It’s not the end of the hour glass

My time is still ticking

I know you think you lost your future wife keep going

I know you feel like you gave up sports keep going

I know you feel like you should have stayed with music, keep going

I know you felt like you letting everyone down, keep going

Feel this wave beneath you and whatever direction it takes you, do the only thing you know how to do, and that is to keep flowing

No one said this would be easy

No one said I will have a perfect life

No one said my first love would be my wife

JUST BREATHE (Inhale then exhale)

Started living today with preparation for tomorrow

Tomorrow is not promised nor is the next second

You’re the captain now, no longer let the ship be reckoned

Pain, I felt that

Test, I pass that

Negativity will now be wiped off on the doormat

I will walk thru the door without fear of changes

Each step weighing heavy on my soul

I step

I look back

I turn

Only if I knew I had the remote control

Keep going!

I hear the voice

But which way?

How do I know it will be the right decision?

How do i know I’m not overreacting?

What if I wasn’t suppose to move on?

What if what I’m hearing is not the right alarm?

JUST BREATHE (inhale and exhale)

Model: @zalexanderf

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