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Mysterious and entrancing; beyond ordinary understanding

"We are all equal"

This collection was given the title Orphic because right from the jump the first idea that captures your attention is "They are two different shades of African American people." Which is true, that's the first thing I wanted my viewers to realize. When you start to look at the picture from different perspectives and angles, I wanted a sudden feeling to erupt in your body that everyone is EQUAL, and meaningful in their own way. The generation we live in will look at this picture and say there two "Blacks or African Americans. One light skinned and one dark-skinned", but at what moment do you see one color? Then start to see the beauty under the so-called "light and dark-skinned human beings" in this picture. You see beauty; you see two genders, one male, one female, the creation of God. The moment you start to see flaws in their faces and begin to feel the emotion coming from the picture that's when you begin to experience orphic.

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