Updated: Oct 22, 2021


My thoughts are no longer thoughts their memories

My present is no longer the same it’s new to me

I feel nothing

No heartache

No pain

No longer is it a you and me


That’s become me now

Is it good, is it bad?

I’m getting through this the best way I know how

Love I had that

Passion I lost that

Pain I felt that

All steps to my biggest comeback

But right now, I feel nothing

I must untie this numbness from around my neck

But how?
I have no more energy, I want to chill a second

I have no time to do that not even a millisecond

So I must break free

I have a knife in my left hand

I have scissors in my right hand

I have the solution to the problems but I’m numb

I must find the energy and break free regardless of the outcome

I’m in a relationship with myself now

Self love

Maybe that was needed for me

I’m going to treat it like a disease maybe it’s therapeutic for me

Break free of this

It won’t last I promise

Stop looking back and don’t you dare reminisce

Numbness is only permanent If I make it

I have control

Stop acting like you’re confused of the world because you lost a girl that’s couldn’t even put the fire in your soul


You’re haven’t lost yourself I promise

Keep going just have patience

Make someone’s day don’t make this contagious

I had to lose myself to find a better me

These are not just words this is my therapy

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