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Time Will Tell

Time Will Tell" is the title of my first ep releasing on all platforms 11/05/2021. Preorder is available all the way up to release date. By downloading/purchasing the Ep early, you will receive the first song "Believing Me" before anyone else! So make sure you do that ASAP! Thank you everyone for all the support and love yall have showed me thus far, I have a lot of music in store and can't wait to show you guys!

The title "Time Will Tell" was chosen from having the mindset of actions speak louder than words. All through out life the one thing that last through the pain, tough times, and mental battles is time. Time never waivers and will always show reality no matter who/how someone hides from it. With that being said, throughout the last couple years time has showed real friends, real lies, and life. No matter how far we run from life, pain, or mistakes in the end we still have to come to the realization of our circumstances one way or another. Although we can't always get the results or change that we want from the situation, we can still guide/direct our path for preparation of our next move to be better than the last. Regardless if you agree with my perspective or not, we all can come to the realization that "Time" doesn't stop for ANYONE. From deaths, to tragic accidents, breakups, etc, we can never stop the inevitable. But WE CAN always do something with how the situation affects us, and how well we handle the situation, and from that is how we got to the title "Time Will Tell".

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